Acts & Guests (saturday & sunday)

Eden Craft (DE)

"Since 2015 I build detailed costumes with a passion based on comics, mangas and games. I work with thermoplastics, foam and fabrics. In my workshops I will show you tips on how you can realize your dream cosplay by yourself and how to build mountings that are comfortable to wear and don't stand out. Lots of love, <3 Eden <3"

Kenika (CH)

We are rejoiced to welcome the cosplayer Kenika from Bern as guest of honor at the festival again this year. Kenika is active in the scene for several years now and known beyond the Swiss border, with her imposing costumes she managed to thrill the audiences at national and international contests in both her home country and abroad.


The SWAT security will be responsible for the entry- and prop control aswell as the general security again this year. The team consists of trained firefighters, security officers and medical staff. All members bring the expierence and know-how from deployments at conventions, festivals and concerts.

What is cosplay (DE)

Fritjof Eckard, better known under the name Puka, is fascinated by the Japanese pop culture for 25 years and was involved in numerous events as an advisor, assistant, (co)organizer and sponsor all over the world ever since. The knowledge which accumulated during that time was summarized by Puka in the book "What is cosplay?" and presents its readers new viewpoints on the topic cosplay which may not have been considered up until now. His 2 part lecture (German only) at the cosplay festival examines in depth the origins and development of the creative hobby as well as the global political and economical impact that resulted over the past years. 

black owl studio (fr)

Cosplay Guests: Black Owl Studio is an association of three french cosplayers from Alsace who turned their passion into their profession. They represented France at the Crown Championships of Cosplay with their impressive work and competed in numerous other contests. Soon you will have the opportunity to meet the exceptional talents live and acquire new knowledge at their workshops.

shizca cosplay (AT)

The costumes of the cosplayer and digital arts student impress with their rich details and simple materials they are made of. In her workshops she demonstrates valuable knowledge on how to design characters and low budget cosplay.

Party saturday night

On saturday 11. November 2017 from 21:00 until 3:00 a musical stage program awaits you with the following acts: 

Swiss premiere with desi (DE)

Désirée Richter, better known as Desi, discovered her passion for singing and the japanese pop culture at the tender age of 12. Her career as singer and cosplayer led her to many places ever since: the world cosplay summit, the Japan day in Düsseldorf, the book fair Leipzig, the Dokomi and many other conventions, festivals and music productions. Now she comes to Switzerland for the first time with her own written concert show "Inochi 2017". 


"A time in eternal night before the birth of the stars. When life itself, Inochi, finally awakens, it finds nothing but solitude and impenetrable shadows. It starts a journey, determined to find its power of life guided only by a voice inside of it. Will Inochi succeed in preserving an answer to existence and its own history? 

In her solo concert program “nochi 2017”, singer Desi presents her Japanese CD repertoire and combines modern anime anthems and nostalgic classics in one show. It is inspired and deeply connected with the world of anime and manga, their heroes and their adventures. All songs of the show have been released by HAF Records and are available in CD format in Japan and digital release worldwide."

swiss Premiere with M-Project (JP)

Swiss Premiere with M-Project: The DJ from Shibuya is a part of the electro scene since 1999, nowadays he manages 4 Labels and released 18 albums as well as numerous Singles and EPs. Countless collaborations with artists from various genres underline his musical bandwith which is at least as colorful as his outfit. A small preview of his music can be found here.

Aikoe (CH)

Aikoe is a young band from Switzerland, inspired by the japanese Visual-Kei Community. With their flashy looks and stylish japanese rock music they introduce a piece of the japanese underground music scene to the western world which can rarely be found outside of the far eastern island. The band consists of:


  • Aya (彩) - Vocals
  • Kazumi (カズミ) - Guitar
  • Teiko (貞子) - Bass 
  • Yumi (ゆみ) - Drums