exhibitors & traders auditorium

The following exhibitors & traders are confirmed:

1. San Manga

2. San Manga

3. Larporium

4. Larporium

5. Swiss Superheroes

6. Oskarshop

7. Pandaro

8. Pandaro

9. Kragline

10. Wanderwerk

11. Coco Yume / Wizarding Manufacture

12. Consoles 4 You


 13. Mina Kings

14. Dakimakura GmbH

15. Dakimakura GmbH

16. Wotyoo

17. Komikslandia

18. Komikslandia

19. Komikslandia

20.  Sa: Claudia Rindler / So: Stauffacher

21. Maskenbildner Boog

22. M-Project / AIKOE

23. Black Owl Studio

24. Ludibrium

25. Swiss Cosplay Family

26. Tierpräparatorium Grabner

27. Phantastikautoren

28. Was ist Cosplay / Desi

29.  Eden Craft

30. Mamike

31. Galun

32. Atelier Öchsli

33. J Yuu

34. Purple Peacock Creations

35.  Hibras Arts / marmalade Bunny

36.  Darkforest Fashion

37.  Bring & Buy

38. supervised wardrobe (2 CD / Person)

opening hours

Saturday 11. November 2017: 10:00 - 20:00

Sunday 12. November 2017: 10:00 - 18:00

Atelier Oechsli: Here you can visit art and drawing workshops, commission illustrations and marvel at many artworks.

Black Owl Studio: Three exceptional talents from Alsace present themselves and their work as cosplayers.

CocoYumes' Artwork: Mysterious, feminine and enchanted. Here you will find different Prints, Bookmarks and more. I'm looking forward to your visit. :-)

Consoles4You: Is your favorite Console on strike? Do you want to upgrade the graphics of your old favorite console? Or do you want to buy a retro console in flawless condition? Then this is the right place for you!

Cosplay Repair Station: Is your armor about to fall apart or a seam ripped open? Our volunteers in the backstage can repair (almost) any damage.

Dakimakura GmbH:  Dakimakura is Japanese an translates into "hugging pillow". We offer a wide variety of pillows with different prints and materials and the option to design your own print. Bring the waifu of your dreams to life!

Darkforest Fashion:  The fashion label offers home made products, including clothes, corsages, caps, (fanny)packs, backpacks, pillows and scarfs.

Desi: The singing talent from Germany introduces herself and will enchant the audience with her show "Inochi" in the evening.

Eden Craft: Meet the versatile cosplay talent from Germany in person.

Faysals Shisha-Bar:  Çubukçubaşı* Faysal brings a piece of the Orient to Bern. He will furnish the lounge in the auditorium and offer Shisha aswell as turkish coffee and peppermint tea. Prices:

  • Turkish tea 3.- CD / CHF
  • Turkish coffee 3.- CD / CHF
  • Shisha big (deposit: identity card, at least 18 or older) 30.- CD / CHF
  • Shisha small (deposit: identity card, at least 18 or older) 20.- CD / CHF

 *Ottoman title of the person who was responsible for the Sultans tobacco.

Hibras.Arts and Marmalade Bunny: We are a young artists duo with a lot of fantasy and humour. With us you can talk about your favorite series and (crack-)ships, have fun and buy various prints and buttons. We are looking forward to your visit!

J Yuu: I draw Mangas, birds and background motives, always with the motive to infuse my creations with a breath of magic and their own character.

Kragline: I draw all kinds of things, starting from fanart up to my own manga. For me fantasy has no boundaries.

Komikslandia: The trader from Poland carries a wide selection of comics, mangas and merchandise. Come and take a look- it wil surely be worth it!

Larporium:  From armor to clothing and fitting weapons, props and accessories, we at Larporium store the goods of renowned producers to bring you a great larp and cosplay shopping expierence to Switzerland. We will make your next costume idea reality.

Ludibrium: Fan and collectors items from the field of fantasy, movies and series. We offer a wide range of funko pop and trend products. Reseller of all worbla products and accessories.

Makeup Service by Claudia Rindler (Only on Saturday!): Claudia brings 15 years of expierence as a makeup and special effects artist to the festival. She also produces her own line of cosmetics (vegan, free of animal experiments) and sells professional make-up.

Mamike: The speciality store for tinkerers, artists and cosplayers. We also carry a wide range of merchandise, all in the center of Bern city.

Makeup-artist Boog: Professional makeup and special effects artist, producer of masks, sculptures and props.

Mina Kings: My style is rather dark but I also like to draw cute Chibis. At my stand you will find prints and original drawings together with self made Amigurumis and pixel arts. Come and check me out ; ) 

M-Project (only on Saturday 11. November!): The DJ from Shibuya (JP) visits Switzerland for the first time to bring his hardcore Rave to the Cosplay Festival. Here you can meet the "masked DJ" in person, buy signed Albums, Prints and Merchandise.

Oskarshop:  We are a branch of warehouse 13, all sorts of strange Artifacts await you here. Simply Steampunk and Fantasy!

Pandaro: Tasty Bubbletea in various flavors and lots of Japanese Sweets await you here. A tasty expierence for young and old!

Purple Peacock Creations: Full of fantasy and unique - fantastic trinkets made from sparkling crystals and polymer clay.

San Manga: Manga fans find literature from various genres at our stand, starting from Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Mystery or Fantasy, there's something for everyone- guaranteed!

Stauffacher (Only on sunday 12. November!): The traditional book store from Bern with the biggest assortment of Mangas, Comics and Fantasy in the region. Aside from comics, books, animes and games you will also find all sorts of merchandise and other gadgets to all important popcultural works.

Swiss Superheroes: We are a Swiss Marvel/DC Cosplay group which wants to share their passion with interested people and introduce our group to them.

Tierpräparatorium: Aside from our mouse roulette, a fun game for young and old, we offer a variety of skulls, crow fans/feet and hides for sale.

Verein Schweizer Phantastikautoren: The association introduces its authors and sells their books. We also love to inform potential new members about our association. 

Wanderwerk - Naz Keller: I sell selfmade jewelery, Accessories and much more.

Was ist Cosplay: Fritjof Eckardt introduces his work around the topic cosplay which reflects the expierence and knowledge from 25 years of japanese pop culture.

Wizarding Manufacture: Handcrafted Wands, inspired by the World of Potter.

exhibitors & traders courtyard

opening hours

Saturday 11. November 2017: 10:00 - 20:00 (optionally, stands can remain open until 00:00)

Sunday 12. November 2017: 10:00 - 18:00

Bec de corbin: We sell costumes and accessories from LARP to Cosplay. Merchandising, Fantasy and medieval camping requirements.

Beutelspiele:  We produce handmade historical strategy and gambling games from the roman and viking era and from the european medieval times in a handy leather bag. The tokens and dice are made of bone. Our games are designed as part of the leather bag so they are ideal to take away and play on the go.

cufor: Costume tailoring (uniques made in our own shop), embroidery, production of jewelry and accessories according to customer preference.

The Chronicles of Steel and Feather: Peter Segmüller and Tädeus M. Fivaz are two Fantasy Authors from Bern. With their "Chronicles of Steel and Feather" they created a historically inspired World full of Intrigues. The people and their Hunger for Power stand in the foreground, but the Gods are vigilant. Those who call them may regret it...

Natural ArtSascha Lauber is a passionate carpenter and produces bows, furniture, props and much more in his workshop, all made from wood.

Pirates Ship: Are you looking for an adventure? Come and discover treasure chests, compasses and other antique treasures from the seven seas at our stand. Also a decorative scenery awaits you which would even make Jack Sparrow jealous.