international photo exhibition

This year we organize another international photo exhibition which will be displayed in the public area of the festival. This time we show- following the slogan "cosplayers: then and now" - how heroes from all over the world found their beginnings and what became of them. Do you want to be part of the exhibition too? Then send us one of your oldest and one of your newest cosplay photos (either seperate or as a collage in vertical format and high resolution (the higher the better) with the following info:

- the year each photo was taken 

- a link to your artist page or your artist name

via Email. We thank you in advance!


"At the age of 11-15 I found myself mega cool and even climbed onto trash containers to make cool poses and if I didn't do that back then I probably would have never become a cosplayer. xD

So to all the cosplayers out there: as long as you're having fun and find yourself cool as f*ck you're doing everything right. You're a part of the cosplay community just like every other member, because everyone started small at some point (and felt ultra cool while doing it XDD)."


- Gunaretta Cosplay (DEU)