This page is dedicated to our friends from all over the world who participated in the international photo exhibition from 2016.

Australia: Geeks Guild Entertainment by Coralea Jade


Character: Gijinka Cubone, Pokémon (Video Game)

Photo: Aperture One Eight

Austria: Fantastic Leo Cosplay


Character: Leona (Iron Solari Skin), League of Legends (Video Game)

Photo: B.Moser aka Himbeerbiene (without Website)

Belgium: That Grumpy Old Bastard Creations


Character: Claptrap & Steve, Borderlands 2 (Video Game)

Photo: VisualPics

Brazil: Jack Daniel Cosplay


Character: Märchen von Friedhof, Sound Horizon (Japanese Music Group)

Photo: Chibi Lilie

Canada: Echang Cosplay


Character: Spartan Blue, Halo (Video Game)

Photo: Felix Wong Photography

Chile: Nigredo


Character: Spawn (Comic)

Photo: HN Fotografía

Croatia: Avi Cosplay


Character: Edward Elric, Full Metal Alchemist (Anime Series)

Photo: MMMPhotography

France: Shellshocked Cosplay


Character: Zenyatta, Overwatch (Video Game)

Photo: Greg de Stefano Photography

Germany: Eden Craft


Character: Elven Priest, Forsaken World (Video Game)

Photo: Pictureslens

Indonesia: Zainaru Cosplay


Character: Genji, Overwatch (Video Game)

Photo: private

Israel: Mei


Character: Radu, Trinity Blood (Anime Series)

Photo: CieloCosplayPhotography

Italy: Alex`s Cosplay Page


Character: Protoss, Starcraft (Video Game)

Photo: Loveless Photography

Japan: Goldy


Character: EVA 01, Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime)

Photo: private

Macedonia: Visual Madness


Character: Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Animation Movie)

Photo: DoubleX

Poland: Shappi Workshop


Character: Mercy, Overwatch (Video Game)

Photo: Studio Zahora

Portugal: Weatherlight Workshop


Character: Divine Soraka, League of Legends (Video Game)

Photo: PickyWicky

Romania: Keiko-z


Character: Gunner, Aion (Video Game)

Photo: Stefan Andronache

Russia: Adelhaid


Character: Doll, Kuroshitsuji (Anime Series)

Photo: JustMoolti

Serbia: Ferasha Cosplay


Character: Jareth, Labyrinth (Fantasy Movie)

Photo: Guru

Edit: Shunak

Spain: Angela Lara


Character: Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad (Action Movie)

Photo: private

United Kingdom: Kovie Kixx


Character: Jean Grey, X-Men (Comic)

Photo: Black Lotus Photography UK

Ukraine: Pugoffka


Character: Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 (Video Game)

Photo: Buta-kun

USA: UbersCosplay


Character: Gundam Wing Zero Custom, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (Anime Series)

Photo: Badger Studios