important note!

Dear visitor, we appreciate your interest in our event. Due to the technical limitations of our current internet platform we were not able to realize a fully translated online store despite all our efforts. Ultimately we decided to put down the english section of the ticket store and kindly ask you to use a service such as Google Chromes built in translation feature which will provide you with a translation of the german ticket store very close to the original. Should you require assistance or have other questions regarding tickets then feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for your understanding!

Ticket prices pre-sale

  • Festival Pass (Sa. + Party + Su., only available through pre-sale, limited to 100 pcs.) CHF 49.00 instead of CHF 59.00
  • Day Ticket Saturday (10:00 - 20:00): CHF 23.00
  • Party Ticket Saturday (20:00 - 03:00):  CHF 13.00
  • Day Ticket Sunday (10:00 - 18:00): CHF 23.00

Note: Please show your order confirmation at the box office, you will receive a bracelet for each ordered ticket.

Ticket prices box office

  • Day Ticket Saturday (10:30 - 20:00): CHF 25.00
  • Party Ticket Saturday (20:00 - 03:00):  CHF 15.00
  • Day Ticket Sunday (10:30 - 18:00): CHF 25.00 

The box office opens at 10:30 on both days. We accept cash or card payments. We reserve the right to close the box office temporarily if there are too many people in the building at the same time.